TV adaptation of the novel with the same title written by Slovak writer Stanislav Rakús. It is sad story set in Slovak countryside about destructive desire for fortune.  Anna Mutova, daughter of gambler and self-murderer, who is full of bitterness and desperation, is coming as a bride and daughter in law into the Gendur family – sensitive people who love art.  The plans of her proud father, connecting with gaining property and social status, lead only to family shame. Nevertheless, Anna believes that one day she will fulfil father’s ambition. To this target she subordinates her morality, passion, marriage as well as maternity.  But there are only deformed emotions, broken people, innocent people, fear and loneliness what left on Anna’s hart and uncompromising journey for the illusion of happiness.


Pavol Gejdoš, ml.


Viera Remeňová


Anna Javorková

Marcel Ochránek

Szidi Tobiás

Andrej Mojžiš

Ida Rapaičová

Martin Horňák

Release Date



90 min.