The TV series consisting of 6 episodes and the feature film about one prominent family from Bratislava and about her members´ fates which are set into the context of time and history.
The fates of Kovats family unfold in the background of the most important facts concerning the period and the space, sincerely looking for their identity hidden not only in the tangle of ethnics and denominations which are typical for this part of Europe, but also in ordinary human desires and passion.  These fates say about the need for human self-confirmation. And simultaneously, this need for self-confirmation of our characters grows into the acceptance of integrity of the region in its whole entirety and diversity, which today shapes the face of modern Europe.
The pilot episode of the series starts in 1809, when the country is crossed by Napoleon’s army and the series´ story ends during the World War 2, when Hitler’s army bomb the Apollo refinery in Bratislava.

Motif by                      Zuzana Križková, Osvald Zahradník, Peter Glocko,Juraj Lihosit


Juraj Lihosit


Peter Glocko

Juraj Lihosit