Animated and feature story for families in which the good wins against the evil, but in a little different way as it usually happens in fairy tales.
Woodville is a small village marked by the war with Turks. Good powers were asked for a help in good faith. But this help had been hidden in doing wrong to someone what was paid for dearly and it did not bring any luck to the village. It must be set right.  The main idea is that with the help of evil, even in good meaning of positive heroes it is not possible to fight by using great power but on the contrary using the wisdom. Instead of that, we must always admit our negative features to ourselves and to all around us from inside of our heart and to be brave. The best way we can conquer the evil is to bring it on the good’s side.

Art Designer                           František Antonín Skála


Pavel Gőbl


Pavel Gőbl


Pavel Landovský

Bolek Polívka

Jozef Somr

Barbora Seidlová

Ivana Chýlková

Anna Šišková

Milan Lasica


100 min


Next Production & Lennox


Czech Television

JMB Film & TV Production

Slovak Television