The sit-com which story takes place in April 1945 in one village and its surrounding through that retreats the defeated German army.
The plot of the story starts with very small misunderstanding, more precisely with the switch of persons. To this first collision are later glued another and more misunderstandings, confusions, travesty, intersection, intrigues but mainly humour. However, the causality and logic is not disturbed! Unbelievable complicated structure of the story and motifs finally unravels into the last details in front of attentive spectators. And after all, the characters in the story are very close to Švejk concerning their dimension, which graduates into dramatic strained situations as in May 1945 where the film is set into the Czech village surrounded by retreating Germans.


Jiří Chlumský


Jiří Šebánek

Miloň Čepelka


Josef Abrhám

Radek Holub

Ivana Chýlková

Josef Somr

Pavel Landovský

Vladimír Brabec

Pavel Kříž

Oldřich Vlach

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Czech Television


JMB Film & TV Production

Slovak Television